Recent Shopping Haul

Hi guys, 

I thought I would kick off my blog with a few pics and details about my recent shopping trip at Westfield Stratford Shopping Centre. It’s a massive centre designed to encompass the vast variety of clothing, accessory and shoe stores that are becoming increasing popular around the UK as well as around the world. 

I am due to start my next academic year in Semptember and decided that the contents of my wardrobe needed an urgent makeover and what better place to find amazing, original clothes than Westfield. This year, I am aiming to go for the smart-casual look so the majority of my purchases fit that criteria. 

I’ve decided to include photographs of some of my most favourite buys and accompanying each picture I will provide you with the details about that particular item as well as why I chose that item as one of my “Top 5 Faves”. 

Top 5 Faves: 
(In no particular order

No.1;  A cute little blazer from Primark! 

Price: £15.00 (VAT incl.) 

I liked this blazer as it definitely fit in with my smart-casual theme as well as being cheap. The flairs on the back, the colour and pattern swayed my decision and I’m so happy that I bought this. 

No.2; Another cute little blazer from a local retailer! 

Price: £10.00 (VAT incl.) 

I liked this blazer as the zips on the side pockets gave the smart/proffessional vibe I am after. I am also a huge fan of khaki coloured clothes so this is a blazer I adore. 

No.3; Two beautifully scented perfumes from Hollister!

Price: £11.00 each (VAT incl.) 

(At the time I purchased these items there was an offer “Buy 2 get 2 free” so I received 4 but these 2 are my “Faves”) 

No.4; A black and white striped shirt from Pull&Bear!

Price: £12.99 (VAT incl.) 

I loved this shirt as it is very light and airy with a monochrome pattern- something I am fond of. The shirt is comfortable and I definitely recommend this store for indie/hipster style clothing. 

No.5; Another shirt and semi-long formal wear overcoat from Primark! 

Price (of shirt): £10.00 (VAT incl.) 

Price (of overcoat): £13.00 (VAT incl.) 

These formal purchases fall into my favourites as they give an air of elegance and class when worn. In love with them! 

So I guess those are my “Top 5 Faves”! 

On top of these I purchased a couple of turtle necks from Primark, some maxi skirts from various local retailers and a cute cardigan. 

All I need now are the perfect shoes! Comment below if you have any advice on what shoes would go perfectly with these buys and feel free to tell me about any purchases of yours recently that you think I may like! 

I can not wait to hear back from all of you. 

Stay positive and keep blogging! 🙂 


8 thoughts on “Recent Shopping Haul

  1. Looks like one lovely shopping trip! I adore the blazers, so cute!! And the perfumes look like they would smell fantastic! I think for shoes go for something classy and definitely not clumpy. So maybe heels or boots?

    Liked by 1 person

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